What students and others have said about Liz...

'She's a fine, fine musician!' - Dan Ecclestone (Ember Rev), speaking on Dave Hammond's Smelly Flowerpot radio show, 9 September 2019

‘Thank you so much for teaching me all these years! You've helped me make so much progress, not just in terms of the saxophone but musically in general and I really appreciate it.’
- Rosie, August 2019

‘Your teaching, creativity and marvellous ideas are the reason I did so well in my Grade 5 exam, thank you so much!’
- Jane, August 2019

‘Thank you so much for so many years of teaching Thomas saxophone. You've inspired a real love of music in him and I have loved the variety of sounds resonating around the house. We shall miss your visits, music is a gift that will stay with Thomas forever.’
- Jenny, September 2017

Photo by @sirpeteofficial